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March books

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: 10th Anniversary Edition by Toni Weschler
This was excellent and informative, just as everyone said it would be. A must-have desk reference for every woman, whether or not you are (or want to be) charting.

The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier
At work we've been thinking through strategy and marketing and how they play together, so Matt recommended this book. I found it to be very accessible to non-marketing-types and really a fascinating read. A lot of it is logical and just plain common sense, but you would be surprised how little common sense is used in the workplace. Ha! Anyway, definitely a must-read for anyone who has any dealings with any type of marketing (or anyone who just wants to know how branding works).

The Prestige by Christopher Priest
I'm actually not quite finished with this (should complete it today), but so far it is very interesting and very different than the movie. I find the quality of the writing to be beneath the quality of the film-making, but it holds one's interest. A good option for "fluff" reading.